AlemHealth Vault

Access all your radiology images and reports in one secure place.


Directly access medical images and reports from imaging centres in our network

Upload CDs and DVDs of medical images directly to the cloud for safekeeping

Share your medical images and reports with your radiologists at your convenience.

Store, access, and share medical images

At AlemHealth we believe that patients deserve easy and secure access to their medical images and reports. We’ve built a network of imaging centres and hospitals that believe that too. As soon as you visit one of our partner centres for your imaging, your medical images are available on your account. You can view your record online using the information you registered with the facility as. That means your imaging is accessible from any device everywhere, and shared easily with any doctor in your care team.

If the facility you received your images from isn’t on our network, tell us about them and we’ll get them on our network as soon as possible. While you wait, you can upload your images directly from CD or DVD onto our platform to share today.

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Keep your medical images safe in one convenient location and share them instantly with your doctor

No more return trips to the imaging centre to retrieve your results. Your reports are instantly synced as soon as they’re available.

Instead of films and CDs that can be easily bent, damaged, or lost, you can have your medical images stored safely online.

Share your images with any doctor or radiologist, inside or outside your country, with one click. Unshare whenever you're done.

All of your medical imaging stays in one secure location. New images from our imaging network will also be added to your account.

Avoid unnecessary exposure to radiation that can occur if another facility does not have or accept your prior imaging studies.

Retrieve My Medical Images

Fill out the form below and we'll contact the hospital or imaging centre where your imaging records are stored. If they're already in our network, you'll receive an email explaining how to access your images. If the centre is not one of the hundreds already in our network, as soon as they're online we'll contact you to let you know.

I would like AlemHealth to enquire on my behalf about my medical images to this facility.

How it works

AlemHealth Vault is connected directly into the medical image storage hospitals and imaging clinics worldwide. They use our software to store and report your images.

You create an account

You create an account in AlemHealth Vault using the name on your government-issued ID and the mobile phone number you used to check in to your facility.

We reach out to the facilities

For the hundreds of facilities already in our network, in a few minutes you receive an email letting you know your imaging records are ready. For facilities not in our network, it may take a few hours or days for us to get them onto our network.

You receive access to your images

That's all. You can now access/view your records, share imaging into your Physician’s EMR or download your images from home. Your records are stored permanently and securely for whenever you need them.

You decide what to do with them

Send them to new radiologists, take them with you when you move, create a vault for your entire family. Add additional studies from CDs and DVDs. Anything's possible with your data in one place.

Any questions?

Contact us to learn more about how AlemHealth Vault helps you take ownership of your medical imagery.