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We build digital health innovations that work everywhere to provide affordable access to healthcare for patients in the most demanding markets.

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What we do

AlemHealth provides access to health for underserved populations by building technology solutions specifically designed around the resource constraints of emerging markets. Our digital health innovations enable global health stakeholders to help health systems transition to new models of patient-centric care, while increasing access to care, improving quality of service, and lowering overall costs.

We act in partnership with donors, agencies and their implementers, global telecommunications companies, and health ministries to make quality healthcare services accessible globally. As a solution provider to both private facilities and public facilities, we’re uniquely suited to provide technology solutions for health PPPs that are sustainable and aligned to the long-term needs of patients, providers, and funding institutions.

Infrastructure Light

Our hardware and software is designed to work with minimal infrastructure requirements to minimise integration risks and deployment timelines

Ready-Made Solutions

Don't reinvent the wheel. Our digital health solutions can be used off-the-shelf with minimal retooling for immediate impact, and much faster time to market.

Current Programming

  • Teleradiology and TB

    AlemHealth’s plug-and-play radiology hardware and software radically improves access to radiology reporting for patients globally. We link facilities and patients to radiologists inside and outside their home countries for accurate, timely, and affordable radiology reporting, while giving radiologists the tools they need for efficient, accurate reporting. We've deployed our hardware on many of the largest PPPs in Africa, enabling the public health facilities to access providers anywhere.


    The AlemHealth platform is uniquely suited for tuberculosis screening by providing seamless transmission of digitized chest radiographs alongside molecular diagnostic test results for bacteriologic confirmation. We offer integrated viewing, reporting, and AI-enabled diagnosis tools for faster, more reliable reporting, and an SMS and email alerting platform to notify facilities, patients and physicians of positive cases.

    Breast Cancer Screening

    AlemBox hardware is also an excellent component of any breast cancer screening drive. Our hardware fits tidily in a screening truck or alongside dedicated mammography machines with low power and internet requirements to get images to radiologists quickly and reliably. We pair this with AI-enabled reporting tools to ensure radiologists are providing, accurate, cost-effective diagnoses.

  • Diabetic Retinopathy

    Early screening of diabetic retinopathy is essential to prevent vision loss. AlemHealth has partnered with leading telecommunications providers to offer an easy-to-use, fast and accurate automated diabetic retinopathy screening service. We pair state-of-the-art auto-focus retinal cameras with our award-winning AlemBox hardware for reliable image transmission and point-of-care AI analysis. Images are then sent to human graders at top eye hospitals in India for grading and sent back directly to patients and diabetologists.

    Laboratory + Imaging

    Our diabetic retinopathy screening service integrates laboratory data with retinal imaging to provide a complete picture of each diabetic patient. We sync glucose levels and other medical data alongside the retinopathy imagery, and pass that information to diabetologists and endocrinologist, allowing patients to centralise and own their records.

  • Telecardiology Screening

    Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are by far the leading cause of death in the world and patients from low and middle income countries (LMICs) make up 75% of all CVD deaths. The burden of CVDs and other non-communicable diseases in LMICs is creating significant strain on public health systems structured for communicable disease treatment and prevention. At AlemHealth, we develop low-cost solutions to allow these diseases to be detected earlier, allowing for more effective, and less costly, interventions.

    Hardware + Software

    Our telecardiology screening programme pairs battery-powered portable 12-lead ECG machines with our AlemBox hardware to transmit ECGs for reading and interpretation to cardiologists anywhere. In addition, we enable the latest in AI algorithms for assisted interpretation, allowing clinicians to interpret ECGs in a fraction of the time. Moreover, our solution comes at a fraction of the cost of traditional PC-based ECG solutions.

  • Patient Health Records and Strategic Communication

    Public health systems require accurate, timely data to determine the causes of death and disease in their countries. However, many countries rely on paper-based or “best guess” methods of data gathering and analysis, resulting in incomplete and flawed health resource allocations and policy decisions around health.

    At AlemHealth, we enable low-cost, LMIC-focused patient data tools designed using modern, API-driven approaches. Our patient API breaks data silos and allows for true interoperability between community health workers, facilities, patients, and clinicians for longitudinal care records. Additionally, we’re able to customise and build data portals for providers and agencies to use data to analyse and develop sound resource allocations based on the actual challenges they face.

    Our patient API enables timely, targeted strategic communications to patients integrated to a care record. We’re able to build awareness, motivate patients to seek services, and help them navigate care pathways to receive the care they need. We provide patient and clinician portals to view and manage care records, as well as SMS and email gateways to customise and manage messaging.

  • Upskilling and Training Medical Workers

    One of the biggest systemic challenges in LMIC countries is a shortage of trained healthcare professionals. AlemHealth helps overcome this shortage by providing allied medical training to workers at international standards. We partner with leading medical universities and training centres worldwide to provide medical training in fields including Radiography, ECG, Skilled Nursing, and other specialities at top-tier tertiary hospitals.

    Online E-Learning Platform

    Our online e-learning platform, coupled with classroom and laboratory sessions led by master trainers certified by leading hospitals in India and the UAE ensure high quality instruction and relevant, practical experience. The e-learning platform hosts local-language MOOCs to allow healthcare professionals throughout the country to share in the educational resources from high quality providers outside the country.

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