Send your radiology images
everywhere you want.

At AlemHealth, we've designed a suite of products that work together to link your facility. Each component was designed with emerging markets in mind, to ensure speed and availability no matter where you are.

Custom teleradiology hardware to send images to radiologists anywhere from facilities everywhere.
Plug and play
30 minute installation that fits easily into any radiology workflow, PACS or no PACS, HL7 enabled.
Specifically designed
for low-bandwidth high-latency connections
On-board battery backup gives you 18 hours of access to your studies, even when your modalities
Receive studies from multiple radiology facilities and manage your SLAs with precision
Seamless workflows
Interface designed for maximum productivity, wherever the
images come from
secure storage
Access images easily, locally and remotely, forever, with encryption at rest and on transmission.
Easy to manage
Clear management of SLAs to provide quality services to your facilities and affiliates.
Integrated viewing engine with the AlemHealth Assistant to guide you to faster, more accurate reading
Access Everywhere
On-site and remote access through our FDA-approved zero footprint viewer
Productivity Enhancers
AlemAssistant toolkit puts knowledge right at your fingertips.
made easy
Integrated reporting with global template assistant for immediate physician and patient access
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can share medical images with or without an existing RIS/PACS, contact us below:
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