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Access radiology images from sites anywhere.
Route them to radiologists reporting anywhere.
Send reports to clinicians and patients everywhere.

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Hardware and software in perfect harmony

At AlemHealth, we design hardware specifically made for transmitting and receiving radiology images for teleradiology. Low-cost, power-efficient machines that do one thing exceptionally well: get your medical images in front of the right radiologist.

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Integrated 3G/4G cellular connectivity to ensure your medical images get where they need to be.

Secure at rest, secure in the air with encrypted VPN access for data transmission to the cloud.

On-board battery backup so you can continue working though power outages without a UPS.

Unlimited storage paired with offline and online viewing and reporting capabilities.

"Hardware-as-a-service" approach means no up-front expenditures to purchase and maintain servers.

Compact, but with the memory and graphics processing power for the most demanding applications.

Customised for your unique needs

AlemHealth provides fully integrated hardware & software solutions for radiologists, hospitals, and imaging centres everywhere.

  • AlemHealth Connect

    AlemHealth Connect

    AlemHealth's easy-to-use Web Platform for patients, facilities and radiologists to store, view, report and collaborate on medical images.

    AlemHealth Connect is free for up to 25 studies per month.

  • AlemBox


    Custom hardware designed for easy, high volume uploads directly from your imaging equipment such as CT, MRI, X-Ray, and Mammography to your AlemHealth Connect storage.

    Each purchase of AlemBox includes complimentary unlimited access to AlemHealth Connect.

  • AlemHub 


    Plug-and Play Diagnostic Viewing server for radiology reporting of images captured on-site and studies shared over the AlemHealth network. All your images in one place, no limit on the number of radiologists.

    Each purchase of AlemHub includes unlimited access to AlemHealth Connect as well as a locally deployed, FDA-approved viewing platform and reporting tools.

  • Uploading Studies

    The AlemHealth platform offers multiple ways for facilities and their patients to share studies on the platform.

    AlemHealth Connect Web Uploader

    Web-based software that allows you to upload studies directly to your account

    AlemBox and AlemHub hardware

    Specially designed hardware that connects to all of your medical imaging modalities and transmits the studies quickly and seamlessly

  • Routing Studies

    The AlemHealth platform allows flexible routing protocols to access radiologists inside and outside your facility easily and intuitively.

    Internal Routing

    Route to your radiologists based on speciality, availability, and more.

    Track the number of studies and RVUs assigned and reported by each radiologist, manage loads and reroute dynamically to other radiologists

    External Routing

    Send studies to your choice of radiologists for reporting outside your facility.

    Keep track of study volumes by radiologist to simplify billing and create accountability

    AlemHealth Routing

    Leverage our partnerships with established radiology groups in the US, India, and other locations to manage your entire teleradiology workflow.

    Managed SLAs with guaranteed turnaround times, high quality providers, and simple, direct payment gateways.

  • Viewing and Reporting

    The AlemHealth platform offers flexible, diagnostic-grade viewing and reporting options to match any workflow.

    FDA-Approved Viewer

    Fully featured zero-footprint FDA-approved viewer for online and AlemHub reporting workflows with a full array of measurement and visualisation tools.

    Fast pre-loading and rendering no matter what the file size using the latest web technologies.

    Flexible Reporting

    Integrated reporting platform with public and private templates, questionnaires, and intuitively structured reports for maximum efficiency.

    Access RSNA standard templates directly or build and save your own templates.

    Information at your fingertips

    AlemHealth Assistant to provide relevant clinical information, articles and tutorials written by expert advisers.

    Powerful AI tools integrated for triaging and assisted viewing

  • Distributing Results

    The AlemHealth Platform makes sharing reports easy, intuitive, and error-free.

    One-click sync

    Automatically sync your reports and revisions with source facilities, clinicians and patients at the click of a button.

    Patient Portal

    Patient portal for patients and clinicians to immediately access and download reports from anywhere.

    Full Audit Trail

    Digital signatures and audit trails of every report ensure the right report and revisions are being viewed


No up-front investment and attractive monthly rates to make distributed radiology affordable.

AlemHealth Connect Lite


  • Up to 25 Studies per Month
  • Windows or web DICOM Uploader
  • Online FDA-approved Viewing and
    Custom Report Templates
  • Integrated Patient Portal
AlemHealth Connect

Per facility/month

  • Unlimited Studies per Month
  • Windows or web DICOM Uploader
  • Online FDA-approved Viewing and
    Custom Report Templates
  • Integrated Patient Portal
AlemBox Pro

Per facility/month

  • AlemBox Radiology Hardware Included
  • RIS/PACS & HL7 Integration
  • Unlimited Studies Per Month
  • Plus all the features
    of AlemHealth Connect
AlemHub Enterprise

Per facility/month

  • AlemHub Radiology Reporting RIS/PACS Server included
  • Local FDA-approved Viewer
  • Unlimited Studies Per Month
  • AlemHealth Connect

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