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We build digital health innovations that work everywhere to provide affordable access to healthcare for patients in the most demanding markets.

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What we do

AlemHealth provides access to health for underserved populations by building technology solutions specifically designed around the resource constraints of emerging markets. Our digital health innovations enable global health stakeholders to help health systems transition to new models of patient-centric care, while increasing access to care, improving quality of service, and lowering overall costs.

We act in partnership with donors, agencies and their implementers, global telecommunications companies, and health ministries to make quality healthcare services accessible globally. As a solution provider to both private facilities and public facilities, we’re uniquely suited to provide technology solutions for health PPPs that are sustainable and aligned to the long-term needs of patients, providers, and funding institutions.

Infrastructure Light

Our hardware and software is designed to work with minimal infrastructure requirements to minimise integration risks and deployment timelines

Ready-Made Solutions

Don't reinvent the wheel. Our digital health solutions can be used off-the-shelf with minimal retooling for immediate impact, and much faster time to market.

Current Programming

Teleradiology and TB
Diabetic Retinopathy
COVID-19 Telemedicine Triage App and Call Centre
Telecardiology Screening
Patient Health Records and Strategic Communication
Upskilling and Training Medical Workers

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